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Watercolour Paint Set

As a tribute to his late mother, who was a keen watercolour artist, this customer presented me with a small number of her personal belongings including the family tartan. A multi aperture double mount was chosen to match the colour in the photographs and compliment the fabric and drawings. As a conservation framer, my job is always to preserve the items I frame, as much as to display them in an interesting way, therefore the watercolour set was attached to the top of the mount in such a way that it could be removed without any damage. A black deep rebate frame including spacer was used to enhance the look and keep the glass from touching any of the objects.

Model Aircraft and Medals

The challenge with this project as with the majority of box frames is to create a frame deep enough to accommodate the objects. In this particular example, two mouldings were stacked together. The medals and cap badges were presented on a royal blue velvet and recessed into the double mount. The two silk ties were then laid on a complimentary coloured conservation mountboard and recessed to the same level. After the model aircraft was fixed to the mount, a deep black wooden spacer was fitted to lift the glass away from all the objects

Midnight Patrol - Laurel & Hardy ​

                                                                                           The original film was first released on 3rd August, 1933 and sees our heroes working the night shift as two bumbling policemen. As you can imagine, things take a turn for the worse.                           This lovely boxed example of the Walton Super 8mm film has been tastefully presented in a double mount along with two reprinted, autographed photographs.                                     Finished in a deep rebate black wood frame, ready to hang.

Vintage camera

This 1950's Agfa Silette Prontor SVS camera has been presented laying on a background of old family photographs from the same period.            To accomodate the depth of the camera, a deep rebate frame was required. This was created using two frames cut and stacked together. It was then hand finished to give it a period look

A combination of a double mount, wooden slips and an inner frame finish off this truly bespoke job

Sunday Best

This amazing photograph was taken by Russell Lee, one of 11 photographers working for the US Farm Security Administration. This particular image was captured outside a church on the south side of Chicago on Easter Sunday, 1941.

Reproduced here as a canvas print and presented in a black tray frame with a one centimetre space between the edge of the image and the frame

Wedding Dress
This stunning full length wedding dress with train has been presented in a six inch deep box that was sprayed silver on the outside to compliment the silver crackle effect frame.
A hand painted slip was added to raise the glass away from the dress, the fabric was then carefully hand stitched into special linings inside the box to preserve the dress for years to come

Baby Shoes on Fabric

                                                                                      Children's shoes are very popular but I always prefer to present them on a padded fabric background, sometimes using material from the child's old clothes etc if that is available. The sides are covered with the same material to match and a title with child's name and age finish the look. The whole thing is protected under 2mm picture glass.

Fake Oil and Spanners


Adding extra points of interest can really help to bring a photograph to life. In this example I've mixed up some resin and coloured it to mimic engine oil. The addition of two old imperial spanners complete the look. In order to prevent the glass from touching the tools a black wooden spacer was placed between the glass and the double mount. The deep rebate frame chosen has a silver edge which ties in nicely with the colour of the spanners.

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