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Framed Art


Original Oil by Karen Laurence-Rowe 


As Karen lives in Kenya, the framing consultation can sometimes be a little difficult. With this particular piece we really struggled to find the right colour frame. After much searching we decided that the only solution was to hand finish a raw wood moulding. It was felt that a black frame would be a little too heavy, so a green stain was first applied and then a black patinating wax spread over the whole surface of the frame. This was then rubbed back allowing the green to show through. A small silver slip was then cut and fitted to just give the whole thing a little lift.

Check out more of Karen's work at


Original Acrylic by Mark Amos                          

This Acrylic painting started as a frame design concept and is my first completed painting in nearly ten years. Having worked on an idea for a frame with a continuous edge around a series of irregular rectangles (see 'About' page), I wondered if the same thing could be achieved with circles. With the help of a good friend and his CNC routing table, the MDF frame and panel were cut. The frame was then sprayed silver to compliment the colours in the painting.

Chevy at the Hayride              

Original Acrylic by Mark Amos                                 

This is my first ever attempt at an automotive themed painting and was taken from reference photographs I took at The Hotrod Hayride, 2015. As well as a new subject, this was also the first painting I have completed using Jo Sonya Decorative Acrylic Paints. I'll definitely be using them again.

Outside frame size, 430mm x 320mm

Framed original for sale - £250 contact me for details

This painting is now sold


Original Acrylic by Julia Johnson       


This beautiful acrylic on canvas is presented in one of our custom made tray frames as the size and finish Julia required was not available elsewhere. The canvas was attached to a white washable backing so that everthing can be kept clean and tidy.

Check out more of Julia's work at


Original Acrylic/Acrylic inks by Jane Wilson


Although Jane works predominantly in acrylics and watercolours, she is happy to experiment with any medium. Probably best known for combining her love of wildlife with Cartography she creates beautiful paintings like the one shown here. This particular piece was mounted with an off white mount with a black bevel and a simple black frame.

To see more of Jane's stunning work go to                                                  

Arianna in red

Original Oil on canvas by Trudy Good


I have had the pleasure of working with Trudy for the last ten years or more, framing some truly amazing work. This beautiful painting is a welcome return to oils as she is primarily better known for her figurative work both in charcoal and pastel. This particular piece is presented in a dark wood tray frame leaving a 5mm space between the edge of the canvas and the inner edge of the frame, giving the impression that it's floating.

To see more of Trudy's beautiful work go to

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Original Acrylic by Mark Amos
This acrylic painting on panel was my first entry for the prestigious 'Birds in Art' exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson museum in Wisconsin, USA. I'm very pleased to say that not only was it accepted by a panel of esteemed judges but it was also selected for a tour of various galleries around the states.
Outside frame size 850mm x 619mm
Framed original for sale - £450 contact me for details 
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Original Felt Art by Lucy Sparrow 
This collection of Lucy Sparrow pieces, all hand stitched by Lucy have been framed using a number of different moulding profiles to create the required depth. The inner frames have been chosen to compliment the colours in the pieces, with a gold insert between the frames included in the Moet piece for a little extra detail. The mounts have all been raised to add the illusion of more depth. Each piece was finished with anti refective Artglass
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