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Copper Pipe and Drill

After calling the Gas Board and getting the pipe repaired, this customer saw the funny side of drilling the wall and hitting the gas pipe. He suggested that I frame the offending items for prosperity. Once the objects were fixed into position, brick dust was added to complete the effect

Wedding Frame

                                                                              This was one of the most complicated framing projects so far because of the depth of the bouquet. Three individual frames were made and stacked together to produce the finished profile, this was then professionally primed and sprayed with an eggshell white finish. Each item was presented in it's own wooden box under the triple mount (two of which were then lined with a colour matched blue satin and the third in black mountboard) A metal bracket was fabricated to hold the VW at the desired angle allowing the front end to protrude above the mount. The engraved plaque with the customer's own words lays on top of the mount to add another 'layer' and a deep white wooden spacer keeps the glass from touching any of the objects and adds even more depth

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The Coffee Bean Frame

                                                                                  The coffee sack was first filled with foam to give the impression that it was full of beans.

Set on this was a silver scoop with real coffee beans and a "Has Bean" 2.5oz demitasse.

The whole thing was then framed using a deep rebate brown wooden frame and protected under 2mm picture glass.

Budweiser Bottle On Ice                                                                                                    This bottle of Budweiser (still containing beer) lays on a bed of fake crushed ice and is set in a black mountboard box cut with four sloping sides.

The whole thing was then protected under glass in a black deep rebate frame.

Artcade T-Shirt               
This T-shirt was framed for a good friend of mine who started a Kickstarter campaign to publish his own book of arcade artwork. The T-shirts were given to backers of the project and the artwork was from one of the games featured in the book.
The shirt was carefully stretched around archival foamboard and stitched to the mountboard. The double mount with multi apertures was raised up to a level above the shirt to prevent the glass from touching. The whole thing was then presented in a deep rebate, black frame
Framed Wedding Veil                      
The challenge with this particular job was to take a relatively plain wedding veil and frame it in an interesting way. Having laid it out on the workbench, I decided on setting it in a heart-shaped aperture, using the jewelled hair clip as a centre piece. The customer had provided me with an order of service and a photo of the bride and groom, so these were framed separately and fixed to the mount. A wooden slip was then made deep enough to raise the glass above the veil and painted with a colour exactly matching the groom's cravat and bottom layer of the mount. An ivory coloured deep rebate frame was used and fitted with a silver slip to match the clip. 

Ballet Shoes and Tutu


After a chat with a good customer, I happened to mention that I would love to frame a pair of ballet shoes. She commented that her sister was a dancer and that a donor pair of shoes would be no problem. 

Having laid the shoes on an ivory tutu netting, a bespoke double mount was cut using colours to compliment the shoes. This was then set in a frame made up of two separate mouldings following the colour theme. A title was cut into the mount to personalise the finished job and the whole thing set under 2mm glass

Silk and Paper Butterflies

                                                                                  Twelve silk and paper butterflies were carefully fixed to a pastel coloured paper featuring music and flowers. This was then placed under a custom made, conservation grade acrylic display box. A deep rebate driftwood frame was made and the top left hand corner carved away. This was then lined with the same paper used in the background

Pool Balls and Triangle

A framed set of full sized Pool balls arranged in a custom made triangle. The whole thing was then laid on pale blue mountboard and framed with a deep rebate black frame complete with spacer to support the glass.

Puppy Collar and Photo

A great way to remember just how small your dog once was. This simple little box frame contains the collar, a photo and a printed title, all set in a complimentary double mount and a deep rebate frame. A white spacer keeps the 2mm picture glass from pressing on the collar

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