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Black Sabbath

This collection of promotional material from the Black Sabbath show at the  O2 Arena on 10th December 2013, creates a lasting memory of a great night when framed together.                            A charcoal coloured deep rebate frame and a multi aperture double mount with quirky corner details compliments the black inner frame housing the two drumsticks

Gangster Squad

I've always loved this movie, so just had to create a framed memento of it.                                             The A4 sized movie poster is set within its own black mount, then raised above it in a double mount complete with v-groove line is a replica 1940's LAPD badge.                                                      Finished with a deep rebate white frame to compliment the inner mount, this frame is the first of a set of movie posters, to include Batman-The Dark Knight and Dirty Harry.

The Ceramic Poppy Frame

A stunning tribute to the fallen of the First World War, this ceramic poppy from the Tower of London just had to be framed and preserved for years to come.  

Presented in a deep rebate black wooden frame along with a multi aperture double mount, the whole thing was then set back from the glass using a deep white spacer.

The poppy itself was set in it's own black frame under the mount with the image from the lid of the presentation box as a back drop.

Dirty Harry - Deadpool


This replica .44 Magnum pistol, ID and detective's badge were all set on a pale grey mount within a black inner frame, upon which was placed a double mount with sprocket holes. The whole thing was then set back from the glass with a black spacer to create an extra layer. Airbrushed gunsmoke finished off the effect.

Vintage Wristwatch Display Box 

                                                                              Two velvet covered pads with polished oak end caps display the vintage wristwatch collection perfectly and can be quickly and easily removed to add more watches! These are set in a linen covered Art Deco style mount and then the whole thing presented in a custom designed one off madbox. Complete with UV controlled, anti reflective Artglass, the collection will be preserved for years to come.

Star Wars Photo and Patch

                                                                             A signed Star Wars photograph is given the Madboxes treatment with an unusual double mount design incorporating the circular patch. The colour of which has been duplicated in the mount layers to tie the finished look together. The whole thing was then presented in a satin black frame.

Bank of England Honours Cap


This Bank of England RFC Honours caps was presented in a custom made 'madbox' consisting of two frames stacked together to achieve the required depth, with a silver inner frame to pick up the stitching and tassle. A sympathetically coloured double mount was cut with an arched base to follow the edge of the peak on the cap and the same colour used to line the inside of the frame. After the engraved plaque was added, the whole thing was protected under 2mm anti reflective artglass 

Anchor 1
Football Shirt and Boots
There are six individual frames in this job with the blue mouldings colour matched to the shirt. The double arch topped mount picks up the white and dark blue from the shirt and is raised up on a black open grained wood moulding to match the external frames. The 2mm glass is held in place between the inner blue slip and the outer frame, preventing it from touching the football boots.
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